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ANTH provides you with neat and clean rooms with various services and facilities offered. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioners and heating systems. Facilities are also provided to the attendants with the patients


At current, ANTH has 04 fully equipped operation theatres according to the international standards with state of the art equipment, working on a separate zone concept with divisions as a sterile/restricted zone, semi-restricted and non-restricted zone. Features of anth OT: Our operation theatres are equipped for all types of complex surgeries including Bariatric and Renal...
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At ANTH, we have a complete team of qualified surgeons’ highly competent in diagnosing, treating and performing all sorts of minor, major and complicated surgeries. We perform all sorts of general surgical procedures including: Hernias Appendectomy Thyroidectomy Peri-anal surgeries (Hemorrhoids, Fissure & Fistula) Laparotomy Oncological surgery Trauma surgery