Obstetrics Gynaecology

We at ANTH, ensure complete healthcare of mother & child. Our Dedicated team takes care of obstetrics & gynecological problems in a fully equipped department. Our department comprises of separate OPD rooms for Obs/Gynae patients, where we deal with

  1. Antenatal Low Risk Cases
  2. Antenatal High Risk Cases

(e.g. Multiple Pregnancies, Pregnancy with Anemia, PIH, Pre Term Labor, etc).

  1. Miscarriage
  2. Menstrual Irregularities
  3. Vaginal Discharge
  4. Post Menstrual Bleeding
  5. Gynecological Cancers
  6. Sub Fertility

We are fully equipped in performing procedures on OPD basis such as

  1. High Vaginal Swab
  2. Cervical Cancer Screening
  3. Pipelle Biopsy for Endometrial Sampling
  4. Colposcopy
  5. Manual Vaccum Aspiration (MVA)
  6. Basic Obs/Gynae Ultrasounds

At ANTH, we have state-of-the-art inpatient, which includes separate wards for Obstetrics, Postnatal, Gynecological Cases & Post-Operative Patients. We have fully equipped delivery suites (Stage 1 & 2) with dedicated Operation Theatre for cesarean deliveries. We also perform instrumental deliveries and are able to deal with all kinds of Obs/Gynae emergencies.

The Gynecology Department is also equipped with separate OPD complex for elective procedures e.g. myomectomy, hysterectomy (abdominal & vaginal discharge), diagnostic laparoscopy, hysterectomy Family planning counselling & procedures are also an integral part of services provided at ANTH to help a family lead a healthy and fuller life.


ANTH has a fully developed and operative children’s centre where we provide quality healthcare services to infants, children and their families. It has highly equipped 12-bedded neonatal ICU where we perform assessments and management of acutely unwell children and perform immunization and vaccination of newborn infants and children.