Breast Cancer
Live Talk Show at HEC TV on Breast Cancer Awareness
Dr. Sabah Ali Ch. (General Surgeon) & Imran Ali Ghouri (Manager Marketing) speaking on ANTH’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in Riphah FM 102.2 talk show.  
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breast cancer survivor success story
ANTH Oncology Clinic is a multi-disciplinary approach and a combination of Surgical and Oncological services where surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, and psychologists work together for the diagnosis of cancerous diseases and their treatment. Zareefa Bibi is one of the many patients who could not get proper treatment for Breast Cancer earlier and had faced many hardships...
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Breast Cancer Survivor Success Story
Over the last few years, Breast Cancer has spread very fast. Social barriers and lack of enough facilities for women have been one of the major reasons behind such a spike in numbers. – Dr. Tahira Hameed (General Surgeon, #ANTH)
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breast cancer awareness camaign
Though breast cancer is one of the most common and prevailing types of cancer found in our society, yet, it can certainly be cured through early detection and in-time treatment. – Dr. Abdul Ali Wajid (Assistant Consultant Oncology)  
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