An awareness of insulin injections

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There are days in life when you feel like your life is stuck. When you are unable to perform any task or when you just stop building or coping up with the social relationships in your life. You start being less productive at your professional space and dull at home. Our daily life functions, infact our entire routine depends on how good our body is functioning. Good health is such a vast term that includes physical, mental and as well as the emotional wellbeing of a person. These are all molded together & considered as one aspect of a good health.

Good health and fitness are a precious blessings of Allah but not everybody is blessed with this gift! Also we only realize its importance only when we fall sick even if it’s temporarily! One should always be thankful to Allah almighty for this very gift but should also try to maintain it from one’s own end.

With this amazing advancement in technology, our medicine has also been revolutionized and there are hardly any diseases which are incurable, we have found our angel in disguise i.e. doctors which are playing a vital role in diagnosis and treatments of the diseases. Here particularly we shall talk about the treatment of diabetes, a disease that suck energy out of a person and has become a lifestyle disease. It actually causes an abnormal amount of increased glucose in your blood level which is treated differently according to your type of the disease, either Type 1 or Type 2. For non-insulin dependent patient, oral medications are prescribed and for insulin dependent patients, insulin shots are injected to the patients. The administration of correct insulin injections is really very important. One should know the exact units or amount of insulin being injected and the right location of the injection. According to Dr Abdus Samad Shera (the Director General of Diabetic Association Pakistan), around 80% of diabetic patients are receiving wrong amount of insulin in Pakistan which gets so worse that it leads towards cutting off of arms or legs. It also leads towards hypo and hyperglycemia. He also said that people are often misguided by the nurses or the stuff about the correct site of the location due to which the patients stay unaware about it and keep injecting at the wrong place.

One should keep a regular check on their blood sugar level and should be aware of the amount of insulin being used.