brain ct scan
At ANTH, we are using specialized equipment to create and interpret CT Scan of the body. We offer patients the best available technology and provide images of exceptional quality round the clock. Radiologists can diagnose different diseases more accurately via Computed Tomography (CT) that provides uncompromised imaging and outstanding results.
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At ANTH, along with conventional X-Rays, our department also offers contrast studies like Barium Swallow, Barium Meal, Barium Follow Through, Barium Enema, T-Tube Cholangiogram, Nephrostogram, Hysterosalpingogram, Intravenous Pyelogram, Retrograde Urethrogram and Micturating Cystourethrogram, etc.
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ultrasound specialist in islamabad
At ANTH, we are providing wide range of ultrasounds including Abdomen and Pelvis, Gynae and Obstetrics, Musculoskeletal, Renal, Breast, Scrotal and Doppler Studies including Carotid Doppler, Peripheral Arterial and Venous Dopplers, Fetal Doppler and Ultrasound guided Aspiration, Biopsies and Fine Needle Aspirations.
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